Legacy of Innovation

Founded in Geneva, Illinois, in 1903, Burgess-Norton built the core of its business on piston pins, and since inception, produced millions of units for all types of internal combustion engines as well as many leading international customers throughout the automotive and truck markets. 

In a move to expand its product offerings, BN introduced powder metal technology in 1954. Over the years, it has established a global reputation for quality and value — a direct result of its commitment to develop innovative solutions for its customers in targeted markets.

Our standing as a global leader in quality and value has been earned through our commitment to innovation, teamwork, and customer satisfaction. 


  1. 1903

    Burgess-Norton MFG was founded by Frank A. Burgess and Henry W. Norton in Geneva, IL. (25 employees)

  2. 1941

    Construction of a plant on Western Ave in Geneva, IL by the Ordnance Dept. of the U.S. Army for Burgess-Norton to manufacture track links for tanks prior to WWII.

  3. 1952

    Frank A. Burgess Foundation established to provide scholarships to local students.

  4. 1954

    Powder Metal program developed.

  5. 1968

    Amsted Industries Incorporated purchases Burgess-Norton.

  6. 1976

    Claremore, OK piston pin plant built.

  7. 1986

    Amsted Industries Incorporated becomes 100% employee-owned.

  8. 1999

    Saltillo Mexico plant opens. Advance Products Corp., Beaver Dam, WI is purchased by Amsted Industries Inc., assigned to Burgess-Norton.

  9. 2004

    Acquisition of Salvadori Spinotti s.r.l. of Italy.

  10. 2007

    JV Xinyang BN Yinguang established. BN holds 70% stake.

  11. 2010

    Monterrey, Mexico Piston Pin plant opened.

  12. 2012

    Suzhou, China Piston Pin plant opened (WOFE).

  13. 2015

    Opened in-house DLC production facility

  14. 2018

    Piston Pin plant opened Burgess-Norton WH (Shanghai).

Backed by the global strength of Amsted Industries

Burgess-Norton is part of Amsted Industries, a diversified global manufacturer of industrial components serving primarily the railroad, vehicular and construction and building markets. Combining leading-edge manufacturing processes with a history of continuous innovation, Amsted Industries is proud to be a leader in each of the market segments we serve.


2020 Spark Award for Innovation – Valley Industrial Association
Supplier Quality Excellence Award – 2015
Award of Distinction in Automotive-Engine – 2012
Award of Distinction in Hardware / Appliances – 2011
Award of Distinction in Hand Tools / Recreation – 2010
Grand Prize in Automotive-Transmission – 2008
Award of Distinction in Lawn & Garden / Off-Highway – 2007
Gold World Excellence Award – 2006
Grand Prize in Lawn & Garden / Off-Highway – 2006, 2005
Award of Distinction in Automotive – 1999
Award of Distinction in Ferrous – 1992, 1989, 1986, 1983, 1982, 1981, 1975, 1974, 1973, 1967
Grand Prize in Ferrous – 1977, 1971, 1968, 1965