Amsted Automotive Expands Its Position as a Leader in Emerging Automotive Markets by Forming a Joint Venture with VT Industrial Technology

  • Joint Venture combines Amsted Automotive’s Transform Products metal forming and joining knowledge with VT Industrial Technology’s expertise in complex tooling manufacturing
  • The joint venture, named MVT, expands Amsted Automotive’s global presence, with entry into the rapidly expanding Chinese automotive market
  • This is Amsted Automotive’s third joint venture in the region adding to its existing Piston Pin Co. and Burgess Norton WH (Shanghai) Auto-Parts Co.
  • The latest joint venture will go into production with a Chinese domestic OEM in 2023
  • This latest joint venture will be based in Wuxi, China

Southfield, MI – Amsted Automotive has formed a joint venture with VT Industrial Technology via Means Industries, to further improve Means’ position as a leader in technology and manufacturing in the automotive market. This new venture will combine Means’ advanced metal forming and joining expertise with the sophisticated tool making capabilities of VT Industrial Technology, supplying the growing automotive manufacturing base in China with a new level of powertrain and advanced metal forming precision. In addition to serving the China market, Amsted Automotive’s latest joint venture will serve the metal forming and tooling needs of the European and Japanese markets.

Automotive manufacturing in China is significant and growing quickly both in volume and technology. This joint venture will allow both companies to be at the forefront of advanced metal-forming processes, providing Chinese automakers with quality and precision which previously was not readily available. This joint venture will also facilitate in-country manufacturing in China and will be Amsted Automotive’s third manufacturing JV in China, following Piston Pin Co. and Burgess Norton WH (Shanghai) Auto-Parts Co.

The joint venture company will be named MEANS&VT (Wuxi) Power Technology Co., LTD, and it will be located in Wuxi, China. Teams from both companies have already co-located and are working to launch new products with a Chinese Domestic OEM in 2023, in addition to working with other automakers to develop and deliver needed powertrain manufacturing services immediately.

About Amsted Automotive

Amsted Automotive is the merger of two of its century-old, core Tier 1 automotive supply business units, Means Industries and Burgess Norton, to form a new and innovative technology team. Our combined group offers an expanded global presence with 16 facilities in North America, Asia and Europe to adequately serve the global customer base with a robust manufacturing footprint producing over 100 million components and assemblies annually. Amsted Automotive combines its process design and engineering expertise so that it can serve as both an agile and global leader in advanced metal-forming, powder metal manufacturing, and electro-mechanical clutch design. Ultimately offering leading edged electrified and advanced propulsion solution for customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

About Means Industries

Electric-Motor Housings with Thermal-Management, Mechatronic Clutches, Integrated Electric Park-Lock Systems and Electro-Dynamic Driveline Disconnects: These are the type of leading-edge technologies that you can expect when you partner with Means Industries. After nearly 100 years in the Auto-Industry, the passion of the Means team to design and manufacture products that improve efficiency and performance is unmatched. The company’s torque transfer solutions are utilized in hundreds of current production vehicles manufactured by nearly all of the largest automotive companies in the world. Company headquarters are in Saginaw, Michigan.

About VT Industrial Technology

VT Industrial Technology Co., Ltd is a leader in automotive parts manufacturing in China. The company designs, engineers and produces metal stamping molds, bodies in white, door components, seat components and other products for the rapidly expanding Chinese automotive market. Company headquarters are in Wuxi, China.

Amsted Automotive PR Contact:
Cole Quinnell